Celebrating our staff volunteers

Celebrating our staff volunteers
Maria Adcock with another volunteer

Last week was National Volunteers Week, an annual event that celebrates the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK.

Our staff are passionate and dedicated to helping people, both inside and outside of work. Volunteering plays a big part in the lives of some of our staff and they love sharing their stories and experiences. You can read about the experiences of volunteering on The Guinness Partnership website, including:

  •  Maria Adcock is a housing officer in Nottingham. She has volunteered for most of her adult life, mainly supporting residential and weekly outreach-based youth work programmes and mentoring in schools.
  • Joanne Whitton, a health and safety manager at Guinness Care and Support in Exeter, but she spends some of her spare time volunteering for Age UK as part of their befriending scheme.
  • Jeffrey Hopkins is an assistive technology officer for Guinness in Havant and volunteers with young people in his spare time.
  • Christiana Bennett is a financial inclusion co-ordinator in Oldham. She spends a lot of her spare time volunteering for a national group and a charity.
  • Adam Bates is a Guinness housing officer based in Nottingham. When he's not managing the day-to-day needs of his residents, he's usually found running around a field as part of the rugby league club he runs on a voluntary basis.

Read the interviews on The Guinness Partnership website.