Ambassadors for women in maintenance

Ambassadors for women in maintenance

Lisa Kelsey-Wood is fast approaching her first year anniversary of being a qualified electrician after completing a four-year apprenticeship with Guinness Property.

Before joining Guinness, Lisa worked part-time at Tesco to pay for her City & Guilds Electrotechnical  NVQ Level 2, Level 3 and her 17th edition. When she finished college, Lisa searched for jobs in the trade but struggled to find something of interest. However after speaking to training provider JTL, Lisa was offered the chance to complete a paid apprenticeship working with our repairs team, which meant she could practise the skills she’d learned as part of her NVQ course, learn from people that are already experts at what they do and build her own experience.

Challenging the ‘norm’

Lisa is one of a growing number of women that are challenging the idea that all trade engineers are men and sees it as something that is slowing changing. “I love representing women in the trade.It’s an acknowledgment that women can do it and that we’re more than capable. The team I work with are respectful of who I am and what I do.

Last year Lisa became an ambassador for our Women in Maintenance programme which encourages more women to train and work in trade roles. “As an ambassador my role is to visit schools and speak to kids - male or female - who are interested in getting into the trade. We talk to them about what to expect, try to help build their confidence if they’re interested, but [some] are maybe afraid to speak about it and take the first steps.

“It feels amazing to be a role model, which is a really important part, for me, of being an ambassador. I think back to when I was in school – to have a role model already in the trade would’ve been fantastic!”

Working towards the future

With Guinness doing lots of work behind the scenes to encourage women working in trades, Lisa has an eye on her future in the company.

“I think it’s brilliant that Guinness want to promote women into the industry. I feel valuable to Guinness because of that, as I’m wearing the uniform. Being a woman in the industry and having your company support you is great.

“In the future I’d like to still be at Guinness, with more qualifications in the electrical trade, as well as other trades. I want to be a part of the Guinness Property Academy and hopefully climb the ladder. And of course I’d like to see the numbers of women working in trades increase!”

Start your career with Guinness

Lisa is just one of a number of women that Guinness is supporting to build successful careers within the trade industry. The Guinness Property Academy provides training and education for the best candidates – male and female – to develop the skills they need to build a career and new opportunities for themselves.

Find out more about how you can start your career with Guinness.