How we use your information

The Data Protection Act requires us to be clear about why we are asking for information, so that we can be sure that we only ask for what we need or are required by law to collect.

Personal details

We ask for your name, address and contact telephone numbers so that we can get in touch with you. We may ask about your driving license (including any endorsements) and the use of a car so that we know whether you would be able to drive a company car or if driving is a requirement for a particular role. We ask about your educational information, present and previous employment and experience. This information helps us measure whether you meet the requirements of the role. We will ask if you have been employed by The Guinness Partnership (or any of its subsidiaries) before or if you are related to any employee of the organisation.

Additional details required for residential posts

If you are applying for a role that requires onsite accommodation we may ask you questions about this. For example, we would need to assess whether there is enough room for your family. Pets are generally not allowed on most schemes.


References are usually required for successful candidates only, and we will always ask permission before contacting referees. We ask for references to check your suitability for the post and to confirm factual information.

Other information

We ask questions about your health and how this has affected your attendance at work because we have a duty of care for all our employees.

Equality and diversity monitoring

We ask for details about ethnic origin to ensure that we comply fully with the Code of Practice for the elimination of racial discrimination and the promotion of equal opportunities in employment.

This information ensures that there has been no unfair discrimination in the selection procedure and follows the guidance of the Commission for Racial Equality and the Equal Opportunities Commission. We ask about your gender, age, race, religion and other characteristics as we report on these as part of our equality and diversity monitoring. The provision of these details is optional.

The Disability Discrimination Act requires us to confirm whether prospective employees are disabled so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

Access to application forms

Only recruiting managers and human resources staff have access to application forms. The application forms of unsuccessful applicants are held securely for six months and then shredded.